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Casino Bovada stops accepting New Jersey Online Poker Sign-Ups

American residents are anxiously waiting for legislation to allow them to play poker over the Internet in complete accord with the law. logo bovada home

For the time being, the games are prohibited in most states, except for New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada. This is where some of the biggest gambling casino groups have decided to invest massively and among those who serve players in the Garden State is Casino Bovada and Gala casino.

These guys run some of the most successful online casinos in the United States and until recently allowed New Jersey residents to play poker over the Internet. In a recent press release, the officials announced that new registrations will be prohibited for the time being, while giving no information about whether this is expected to change in the future.

Bovada is a part of the Bodog Poker Network and caters for players from the United States, so this announcement comes as a blow for the dedicated community. The reason for why they decided to take drastic action is that many affiliates received cease-and-desist letters from New Jersey regulators. They were asked to remove any links leading to unlicensed poker sites that invited American players to wager on real money.

BettingPartners released a brief statement on the matter explaining why they decided to cut off New Jersey residents from their partner brand. Apparently, Bovada decided to act in this way, without involving other gaming rooms that are part of the same network, so basically only their customers will be affected. Furthermore, the fact that existing account holders can still play the games unabated proves that the impact on this new decision will be relatively low.

The good news is that those who already have an online account need not worry because they would be allowed to use it. In a nutshell, online poker is still legal in New Jersey and the online casino is among the few operators who offers players with a safe environment to pursue their hobby.

This is not the only poker room to make such an announcement, with many offshore regulated sites withdrawing real money services for US residents.

These guys have the option of playing on government approved websites, but if favorable laws pass in the next couple of months, the situation could return to normal. Competition is healthy in this line of work, because when more poker rooms serve the same audience, they are compelled to offer better terms, more generous bonuses and promotions.

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