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The types of bets in sports betting

typesbetThe main advantage of betting over the Internet instead of choosing a land-based venue is convenience, but there is more than meets the eye about online gambling. Punters benefit from a better diversity of markets and get to choose between several operators, which provides them with improved access to superior odds.

Various types of odds are made available to players and those who can take advantage of the slight differences, can greatly enhance their profits.

Standard types of bets

Beginners and those who bet casually, need not to worry about complex betting combinations and can focus on the standard types of bets. The easiest way to place a wager is to indicate the team that wins, or bet on the draw in a 3-way market. Asian Handicap wagers work virtually the same, with the difference being that the possibility of the draw is excluded, so there are only two possible outcomes.

Multiple or combined betting is just as the name suggests a betting slip containing several events, with all of them being supposed to win for the punter to cash on the multi-bet. Live betting is a variety of the standard wagers, with the only difference being that punters wager in real time, on a game that is underway. At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the Outright Winner bets, where players are supposed to indicate the name of the team or athlete that wins a competition, before it starts.

Types of bets terminology

Advanced punters will seek to maximize the return on investment and in order to do so, they will focus on more complex types of bets. The half time/full time wagers demand players to indicate the team-leading at half time as well as the one who prevails after the final whistle is blown. Special types of bets on the number of corners, throw-ins, free kicks and other events go by the name of Odd/Even betting. For better odds, punters sometimes bet on teams to cover the spread in handicap wagers.

Accumulator bets are the ones where several events are added on the betting slip and they can be doubles, trebles and so on, depending on how many events are selected. The most complex bets are combination wagers, such as the Goliath which has 247 bets split over eight selections, the Lucky 15 having 15 bets over four selections and the Lucky 31 containing 31 bets involving five selections.

In the same category of multiple bets involving numerous selections are these types of bets that we list below: Trixie, Patent, Yankee, Super Yankee, Heinz and Super Heinz.

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