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Preeminent form of poker

One of the main questions that poker players are routinely asking themselves and their peers is whether it is possible to make a living out of playing poker. This is not exactly a new thing on their mind, but the arguments have diversified since online poker emerged as the preeminent form of poker.

There are arguments in favor and against this theory, with poker professionals being living proof that it is possible to make it in this highly competitive environment.

What it takes to make it is a poker player?

To live out on online poker means that one would be capable of paying all real expenses with the money made exclusively at the poker tables. Only a handful of those who spend their time playing over the Internet can brag about such a performance and the vast majority of them are poker professionals. Contrary to what the name might suggest, these are not necessarily people who play exclusively at nosebleed limits, but poker players who play the game seriously.


To make it in this industry, you need to have innate poker talent, good intuition and an excellent sense of deduction. These are important qualities that allow you to make the right decisions and act according to the fast-changing environment. On the other hand, poker players acquired most of the necessary skills by playing a lot of time and by taking an analytic approach to the game. Professionals analyze their game, compare charts and use tracking software to improve their game and avoid making the same mistakes.
Risks and benefits

At the first glance, it might seem that the life of a poker professional is a glamorous existence, as the most successful ones win a lot of money. The advantages include the fact that they don’t have to worry much about living expenses, since the money made at the tables allows them to cover all these everyday expenditures. Another benefit is that you don’t have to worry about a fixed schedule and you can stay flexible, even when you spend a lot of time on the road.

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On the downside, those who choose to embrace his career and are successful at playing poker are threatened by lengthy downswings. There is always the possibility of losing a lot of money over a long period of time and this kind of pressure affects not only their game, but also their lifestyle. Not having the mental strength to overcome these obstacles can lead to complete meltdowns, and simply put most people are not cut out for this way of living.

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