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Kansas City Lowballpoker

Kansas City lowball is a special type of poker that draws some similarities with conventional draw poker, but being played by slightly different rules. While being a type of triple draw poker, it is going to appeal mostly to those who have played Deuce to Seven before or are remotely familiar with the rules.

This is the game that both variants of Kansas City lowball are based on, with one of them including two betting rounds and the other one having four such rounds and an additional three draws.

Overview of Kansas City Lowballpoker

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In order to understandKansas City lowball it is essential to grasp the guiding concept of the Deuce to Seven type of poker that inspired this version. The lowest value hand is the one that will win the pot, as opposed to traditional poker which rewards those who make the best possible combination. Compared to traditional draw poker variants where players are not allowed to discard all five cards and have them replaced, this version is far more flexible.

No more than six players can sit down at the poker table at the same time and all of them will be aiming for the wheel. This is the name of the weekest hand, hence the one that will help players win the pot, as opposed to the Royal flush which is the worst-case scenario in Kansas City lowball. One thing that should be thoroughly understood about this game is that straights and flushes have no impact whatsoever.

Principle and rules of Kansas City Lowball poker

Understanding the distribution of cards in the game of Kansas City lowball is similar to many games of poker, with each player receiving five of them. There are no community cards before the first betting round and the player who is in the position of the small blind is the one to act first. Action moves around the table in the same sequence as in Texas hold‘em or Omaha and the first important moment is the initial draw when players receive between zero and five cards depending on how much they discard.

Lowball Poker

The second draw is following shortly after the players have received the new cards and it goes down in the same way as the first round. The fourth betting round is the one that will provide players with the final opportunity of showcasing strength and intimidating opponents, before the showdown begins and the lowest hand triumphs.

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