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Venus Williams wins the WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai

Arguably the most important tournament of November for female tennis players is WTA finals, warning 2015 by Radwanska. Meanwhile, Venus Williams made the final in the WTA Elite d8cb8a475c5e16fb48ac2cTrophy Zhuhai, the second best competition for prominent players.

She had to fight hard to reach the late stages of the tournament, given the fact that her opponents played some inspiring tennis.

The group stage was not too difficult for the American, who won the group with relative ease and won many sets after allowing opponents to claim just a couple of games. In the final, she took on Karolina Pliskova from the Czech Republic, a tennis player known for her powerful hits. Once again, she tried to overpower her opponents and gave her a run for her money, but eventually it was Venus who emerge victorious and she and didn’t even require a decisive set.


In the opening set, Williams was the one to lead from start to finish and it looked like she was going to win the final without breaking a sweat. Eventually, she had to settle for a narrow margin victory 7/5 in the opening set and the second one is even more difficult as Karolina managed to break relatively early. By the time she got 4-2 up it looks like she was capable to turn the tide in their favor, but she failed to cling to our advantage.

It is pretty difficult for her to maintain the same high level of play throughout the entire match and eventually this proved to be her downfall. This is not the first time she reaches a fine of an important tournament, but unfortunately for her, 2015 was a tough year. She came painfully close of winning WTA events but time after time she bowed out of the competition when victory was within grasp.

As for Venus Williams, winning this tournament is a great deal as it is the first one of this type, but it is only fair to say that she is used to victories. This was her 48th title, an impressive performance and couldn’t come at a better time. She is no longer in her prime and contemplating retirement next year, so it is refreshing to see that Venus is still capable of playing at the highest level against top tennis players.

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