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El Mac, street art

10286940 10151995924946389 3623070713523470023 oMiles MacGregor, the famous muralist, photo realist and a graffiti artist also known as El Mac was based in Los Angeles and builds his dreams there in early 80’s.

Having an artistic mind being a son of an artist, he has great inclination in the field of line stroking, it manifested even at the very first decade of his life. El Mac was very young when he decided to develop his craft by himself.

Certain of what he would like to do in his life, he begin by cultivating his innate talent, he drew inspiration from Caravaggio and Vermeer two of the classic European painters also from Klimt and Mucha who were Art Nouveau symbolists.  El Mac’s work of art is a combination of influences he gained from these artists whom he idolizes, as well as the culture from which he grew up with.

He develop his masterpieces from lines and strokes and make them a wonderful work of art, he loves to draw huge sizes of faces expressing different emotions as represented by a theme. Although his paintings can stand alone beautifully, he works hand in hand with other artist who made his craft more attractive, more lively and inspiring. 

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